Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Cheerleader Double Feature

There used to be ads-a-plenty for sexploitation films in the Cincinnati newspapers but they all played drive-ins and since I didn't drive, talking my parents into taking me just would NOT have been a good idea. But then the Cheerleaders came to town! Literally! Covington, Kentucky's Madison Theater had gone from being a first run theater to being a second run theater, then a family film theater and, eventually, what passed for a grindhouse theater in my neck of the woods. It was then that they picked up this particular double-feature. I would have been 17 or 18 years old and while I had already seen a couple of XXX films, I really had not seen any softcore sexploitation movies!

THE CHEERLEADERS from 1973 is pretty raunchy. Its nameless cast of cuties, headed by the pseudonymous "Stephanie Fondue," kidnaps and rapes the opposing team. It's a way...but I felt dirtier after seeing it than I had after my first flat-out porn film!

Now, REVENGE OF THE CHEERLEADERS is another animal entirely. In an earlier post, I described the movie USED CARS as "a Disney movie gone bad." This flick could use that same description! Essentially a variation on the same plot, this one, however, feels more like a real movie as it has some familiar faces like McHALE'S NAVY's Carl Ballantine and QUINCY's Garry Walberg. Although he wasn't a familiar face at the time, David Haselhoff also appears! This would have been my  introduction to exploitation film favorite, Cheryl "Rainbeaux" Smith as well! Altough just as dirty in spots, REVENGEdidn't make me feel I needed to take a shower after I got home!

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