Tuesday, May 28, 2013

King Kong Escapes

According to IMDB, KING KONG ESCAPES was released in the US in the summer of 1968. Thus it would not have been my very first exposure to Kong as I was a fan of the 1967 animated series that aired on TV. Apparently that series was co-produced by Toho who had resurrected King Kong for its 1963 KING KONG VS GODZILLA epic. The original wasn't shown on TV at the time and I had yet to discover monster mags so I had no idea that Kong hadn't ALWAYS been an obvious man in a big hairy suit. 

The film features the evil Dr. Who (no relation) and his creation Mecha-Kong. Apparently this robot ape was popular as there would later be a Mecha-Godzilla for a few films as well.

It was around 1972 when KING KONG was re-released and I was finally able to see the wonder of the original, stop motion version. But I've always held an affection for this guy.

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