Sunday, July 21, 2013

My Top Ten Godzillas

Those of you who followed my 1970's high school journal blogs know that I never missed a Godzilla film! I had discovered the Big G when CREATURE FEATURE on WXIX aired GODZILLA VS THE THING circa 1968. Even though that proved to be my least favorite of the films in the long run, it was enough to pull me in. I had the Aurora model on my desk--the same one I'm sitting at now, actually!--through most of the seventies and eighties.

My friend Michael Schlesinger was the American producer of GODZILLA 2000, supervising the dubbing with actual Asian actors for a change! He does the DVD commentary. He did a great job, making this comeback film--after the dreadful US reboot-- my absolute favorite. 

This was also a comeback film, from 1993, updating the series for the first time in nearly a decade and giving it a major budget! Oddly it was not released in US theaters at the time, possibly due to its WWII flashback scenes telling the origin of Godzilla.

The original has a wholly different vibe than any of the others and makes the point that we ourselves led to the destruction by playing with atoms.

Perhaps the most ambitious of the nineties films, GODZILLA VS MECHAGODZILA II is most entertaining and the formerly cardboard looking robot Godzilla now looks awesome!

I saw this one advertised when it came out and I waited and waited but it never opened anywhere near me! I didn't see it until VHS in the eighties. By the time my son was 4 in 200 it was his favorite film and I saw it a zillion times...a DAY!

When this double feature opened at Cincinnati's International '70 theater, I thought MONSTER ZERO might be a retitled DESTROY ALL MONSTERS but it wasn't. In fact it had come out first.

I really liked Ghidrah in all the films so, of course, this minster fest makes my list!

This was actually GODZILLA RAIDS AGAIN, the original fifties first sequel and, again, a whole different vibe.

Probably one of the worst, really, and certainly the most dated, but my friend Terry and I saw it two days in a row at Covington's Madison theater so it's also the most nostalgic one for me!

And finally...seriously. What's not to like here?


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