Sunday, September 8, 2013


Another candidate for the worst film of the sixties is CANDY and like THE MAGIC CHRISTIAN, it was based on a  book by Terry Southern. Coincidence?

CANDY was Southern's oft-banned dirty version of CANDIDE and as film mores loosened up in the sixties, it was inevitable that someone would film it.

I first hear of CANDY when I saw the image of its star, Ewa Aulin, on the album below offered as a poster. Although very young, the Swedish actress had already appeared in some major European films. CANDY was expected to be her big breakthrough.

Has there ever been a pack of major stars wasted as much as the ones in CANDY? And quite frankly many of them DO appear to be wasted. Marlon Brando! Richard Burton! James Coburn! Walter Matthau! John Huston! Ringo!!

It would be years and years after its release before I finally saw the incomprehensible film. As with THE MAGIC CHRISTIAN, its soundtrack was its saving grace.

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  1. Doug Trumbull also did the special effects for the space scenes.