Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Dear Brigitte

DEAR BRIGITTE is a 1965 family comedy starring James Stewart and Glynis Johns. I didn't catch it until the early seventies. Immediately, the real star was obvious--Billy Mumy.

A longtime Facebook friend who I've met in person several times, Bill plays a young boy who happens to be a math prodigy. He also happens to be a huge fan of French actress and sex goddess, Brigitte Bardot.

In the course of the film's shenanigans, Billy's character writes  alter to Bardot and a meeting is actually arranged. The actress's only scene, an extended cameo really, in the picture is actually her SOLE US film appearance and one of her few in any English language production.

In more recent years, DEAR BRIGITTE has taken on an additional level of meaning to me as my own son was revealed as a math prodigy!

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  1. I always liked that movie. Billy was always pretty funny and still seems to be an okay guy. Will have to check him out on FB. Of course, what can you say about Brigitte Bardot??!!!!! Didn't realize this was her only US film appearance. She was breathtaking back in the day.