Monday, May 18, 2015

Even Angels Eat Beans

Bud Spencer made 20 fun flicks with Terence Hill. They were so popular in some countries that each of them was able to carry a successful solo career for decades as well. There were even attempts at casting similar Asterix/Obelix combinations to make Hill/Spencer rip-off films. EVEN ANGELS EAT BEANS is very much a Hill/Spencer flick, only without Hill. In his place is handsome, funny Giuliano Gemma, himself also an actor known for his lighthearted spaghetti western roles...just like Terence Hill. He plays a crafty young con man who teams up with a former wrestler to work both with and against a gangster in 1920s America. There are touches of THE STING crossed with THE GODFATHER and--for some bizarre reason--some martial arts stuff. But in the end, it still plays like a Hill/Spencer flick and it wouldn't surprise me at all if Hill had been meant to co-star here or perhaps even started it and dropped out!

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